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Cajuns, individuals who share the French based culture originally brought to Louisiana by exiles from the colony of Acadia in the 18th century.
The term Cajun is derived from Acadian, a name originally given to the French Colonists who settled near the Bay of Fundy in eastern Canada
beginning in 1604.  Cajun community includes individuals from many cultures that have intermixed in Louisiana over the course of two
centuries. The word "e;Cajun"e; is a corruption, if you will of the word "e;Acadian."e; starting off, in the French of course, "e;Acadien...Cadien...Cadyin
in English "e;Cajun."e;  The word "e;Cajun"e; did not come into being until sometime in the late 18th century and is strictly a South Louisiana word. The Cajuns share a love of their language, Cajun French and a love of their unique food that is only found in Cajun Country, which is Southwest Louisiana.  A special word the Cajuns use is Lagniappe, which is a little something extra that is free.  In the older days you would get a piece of glassware when you purchased oatmeal.  Cajuns share Southern Hospitality and their love for their foods.  Come and share them with us. Merci Beaucoup.

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