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Louisiana Grown Pecans
Large or Choose Mamouth Pecans
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Pecans, Pecans and more delicious pecans. The same pecans we use in our candies, pralines and pies.

Pure plump Louisiana grown pecans, we stock all types and sizes. All pecans are shelled and come in; roasted, fancy mammoth halves, fancy large halves, fancy medium halves, fancy topper halves, fancy mixed meats, fancy large pieces, fancy medium pieces, fancy small pieces, fancy midgit, fancy pecan meal and in box sizes. Our pecans are perfect for making confections, candies, cakes, icings, as an ice cream topping, or anything you can think of or even on thier own as a no cholesterol snack. Pecans are also sodium free, fiber rich, a good source of oleic acid, thiamin, magnesium, potassium, protein, vitamin A and vitamin E, so start snacking.

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